How to Leave Feedback Guide
By admin on November 17, 2013 Blog

1. Access your “My eBay” area. You will find in the top right corner of eBay’s homepage a shortcut to it. If you aren’t signed in you will first be directed to an eBay sign-in page.

2. In your “My eBay” area click on the “Account tab” in your main navigation.  Choose in the scroll down menu the “feedback” option.

3. Next  your feedback page will open with your “items awaiting feedback” list at the top. This list contains all the items you bought that need your feedback. Choose the item you wish to leave feedback for by clicking on the “leave feedback” link near it.

4. Next a window will open with the item’s details and an option to leave positive, neutral or negative feedback.

Once you click on the type of feedback you want leave you will also be provided with the option to leave a comment and a detailed rating. The detailed rating allows you to rate 4 different aspects of a seller’s service: item is as described, communication, shipping time and shipping & handling charges. You rate these from 1 to 5 stars, where 5 is the highest score and 1 the lowest. You cannot use these ratings if aren’t applicable, e.g. if shipping was free you can’t rate shipping & handling charges.

5. After you’ve finished filling out your feedback form click on the “leave feedback” button in the bottom to submit it. You won’t be able to change your feedback later, so don’t click this until you are completely sure about it.


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