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New! Schedule your reminders according to shipping date

We are happy to announce our latest update in Feedback Reminder!

You will now find in your control panel an option to schedule your reminders based on your shipping date e.g. “14 days after item shipped”.

You can still schedule your reminders based on your purchase date, but you will also have the option to schedule your reminders based on your shipping date.

This means that you can time the reminders much more effectively, so that they will arrive after your estimated delivery time.

Important note!

To use this feature you will have to make sure you mark your items in eBay as shipped.

How do I mark an item as shipped?

If you don’t already do that, this is how you can mark your items as shipped in eBay.

1. Login to your My eBay page.

2. Go to: Activity> Selling Manager > Sold > Awaiting Shipment

3. Under the column that is marked with a labeled box you can see that the item wasn’t marked as “shipped” yet.

4. Click on the more actions arrow and choose “Mark shipped”.

5. You now will see a window with the details of the purchase, click on “confirm status”.

6. Now the item will be marked as shipped and will appear under your “Paid & shipped” items.

So if you choose to schedule your reminders based on your shipping date, be sure to mark your items this way once you ship your items.

If you have any feedback for us, or if you have any suggestions for further updates, please feel free to leave a comment in the comments area below.

Happy Selling!


Understanding eBay feedback stars & eBay feedback score

As an eBay seller one of the things you have to be familiar with is eBay’s feedback score system. This system has a big influence on you as a seller. Even though it’s not all-encompassing influence, it does have a huge impact on a seller’s reliability, search visibility and general eBay standing. So before you can go ahead and work on enhancing your eBay feedback score, it’s crucial that you understand what exactly it means.

What is an eBay Feedback Score made of?

There are two main characteristics that make up eBay members feedback scores: numerical scores and eBay feedback stars. The numerical score is the number in parenthesis that you see near each member’s name and near it you can see the colored star that represents that score’s level.

The numerical score is made up of points, the points are calculated this way:

- A positive rating adds a point to your feedback score.

- A neutral rating has no effect either way on your feedback score.

- A negative rating subtracts a point from your feedback score.

What do the eBay feedback stars mean?

Each star is a level that a buyer or seller reached, based on how high their score is.

In the following table you can see what each star represents.

Star Score

As a seller you should also be familiar with the detailed seller rating (DSR). The detailed seller rating allows buyers to rate their experience with a seller based on these criteria: “item as described”, “communication”, “shipping time” and “shipping and handling charges”.

How do you get more positive feedback?

Receiving feedback in eBay isn’t only a question of how good you are, but also a question of maintaining a connection with your buyer following the purchase. So besides sending a thank you note right after the purchase, you should also send a feedback reminder once the package is estimated to arrive.

A great tool for sending out automated eBay feedback reminders is our “Feedback Reminder” app, now available for eBay sellers worldwide!

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The Complete Guide to eBay Seller Feedback

eBay feedback explained

eBay’s feedback system determines the reputation and standing of both sellers and buyers on eBay. This system is mainly based on a numeric value of points that sums up each eBay member’s feedback score. The feedback score appears near each member’s user ID and usually has a colored star near it.

The numeric value given for your feedback score represent a sum of feedback points. A positive feedback gains you a point, a neutral feedback doesn’t and a negative feedback removes a point from your score. Only feedback from a buyer can be negative or neutral, a seller can only leave for a buyer positive feedback.

The star near your feedback score represent a level that you’ve reached. It starts with a yellow star that represents a feedback score of 10-49 and reaches a silver shooting star the represents a feedback score of over a million(!).

eBay sellers have an additional rating, the detailed seller rating (DSR), which rates sellers on 4 specific criteria: item as described, communication, shipping time and shipping & handling charges.

Also, sellers have a positive feedback percentage rating that calculates what percentage of their feedback in the last 12 months was positive.

When buyers or sellers leave feedback they can also leave a comment that also shows up in the eBay member’s feedback profile.

Why should I care about my eBay seller feedback score?

Your eBay seller feedback is one of the first things that a potential buyer sees, since it’s right there near your eBay user ID. That’s why your eBay feedback score is a key factor is determining your reliability as a seller. In addition, eBay uses DSRs to determine a listing’s rank in searches. This means that sellers with a higher feedback score will tend to rank better in eBay’s search results.

So not only will your eBay seller feedback score sway a buyer one way or the other, it also will determine if potential buyers will even show up in your listings. This clearly shows why you should care about your eBay seller feedback score.

Where can I check my eBay seller feedback?

Under your eBay feedback profile page you can find your detailed seller rating, the abbreviated version also appears in your eBay user ID page. To reach your feedback profile simply click on your feedback score or enter your eBay user ID in this page:

How to instruct buyers to leave feedback

Leaving feedback isn’t as simple as many eBay sellers would want it to be, in many cases buyers won’t leave feedback simply because they don’t understand how to. That’s why we provided you here with step-by-step guide on how to leave feedback. Feel free to share this guide with your buyers, or rewrite it.

How to Leave Feedback Guide

How to avoid negative feedback

There are three golden rules to avoiding negative feedback. Follow these rules and you will be able to effectively avoid the main issues that lower sellers feedback score.

1. Describe & display your items accurately – One of the possible reasons for buyers leaving negative feedback is that a buyer believe the item was misrepresented on eBay. For instance if the condition of the item didn’t match the buyer’s expectations, or if the buyer found an undisclosed flaw on the item when it arrived. To avoid negative feedback that results from misinformation or lack of info, make sure that you describe the item as accurately as you can and that you add to each listing a few photos that show the item clearly (including defects, if there are any).

2. Communication is the key here – Most problems can be avoided by good communication. So check you messages often and make sure you are available, so that if buyers have questions you can answer them in a timely manner.

3. Fast delivery, keep buyer informed - It’s no secret that buyers expect you to deliver their order sooner rather than later, so try to minimize the shipping time by packaging & delivering the package as soon as possible. Also, buyers like to be updated regarding the whereabouts of their order, so once you ship the item make sure that you update in eBay the tracking ID for the item.

How to remove negative feedback

Under certain conditions eBay will consider removing negative feedback,  as in cases where the feedback isn’t relevant to the seller’s performance or if the buyer violated one of eBay’s policies. Read in eBay’s website how and when you can remove negative feedback.

How to increase your eBay feedback

Sadly it’s quite common that unsatisfied buyers will leave negative feedback, while satisfied buyers will forget. That’s why it’s crucial that you remind buyers to leave feedback.

That’s where our “eBay Feedback Reminder” comes into play. eBay feedback Reminder will automatically send a friendly and personalized reminder message to your buyers reminding them to leave feedback for their purchase. This will allow you to improve your seller feedback and increase your eBay feedback score.

Want to improve your eBay seller feedback?

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How to Leave Feedback Guide

1. Access your “My eBay” area. You will find in the top right corner of eBay’s homepage a shortcut to it. If you aren’t signed in you will first be directed to an eBay sign-in page.

2. In your “My eBay” area click on the “Account tab” in your main navigation.  Choose in the scroll down menu the “feedback” option.

3. Next  your feedback page will open with your “items awaiting feedback” list at the top. This list contains all the items you bought that need your feedback. Choose the item you wish to leave feedback for by clicking on the “leave feedback” link near it.

4. Next a window will open with the item’s details and an option to leave positive, neutral or negative feedback.

Once you click on the type of feedback you want leave you will also be provided with the option to leave a comment and a detailed rating. The detailed rating allows you to rate 4 different aspects of a seller’s service: item is as described, communication, shipping time and shipping & handling charges. You rate these from 1 to 5 stars, where 5 is the highest score and 1 the lowest. You cannot use these ratings if aren’t applicable, e.g. if shipping was free you can’t rate shipping & handling charges.

5. After you’ve finished filling out your feedback form click on the “leave feedback” button in the bottom to submit it. You won’t be able to change your feedback later, so don’t click this until you are completely sure about it.



5 Tips on How to Increase eBay Feedback

Your eBay seller’s feedback score has a big influence over your eBay success, for better or for worse.

A good feedback score can be the deciding factor that leads a buyer to choose you over another seller and it’s also a big factor in deciding your listings position in eBay’s search results.

That’s why it’s crucial that you don’t wait around for good feedback to happen, but work for it.

Often sellers that are eager to increase eBay feedback will use deceptive and “illegal” ways to do so. But these techniques can be quite harmful and can result in eBay removing your feedback, or in even worse measures.
That’s why it’s important that you stick to techniques that are both effective and ethical.

Here are some of the top tips on how to increase eBay feedback, in a way that is in accordance with eBay’s guidelines.

How to increase eBay feedback

1. Provide a clear product description – Not only can a detailed product description help you optimize your eBay listing, but it’s also a great way to avoid bad feedback. So specify as much as you can in the item’s description and make sure that you describe the item accurately.
2. Show the item clearly - Another great way to avoid unsatisfied buyers is to make sure that you take good photos of the item. Be sure to take photos that show the true color/hue of the item and if the item is used so also it’s imperfections. Avoid bad photos by using good natural lighting and upload a few different photos for each item to provide potential buyers with a true representation of the item.
3. Be available - Make sure that you answer buyers questions in a timely manner and that you are available by e-mail. This way you can avoid one of the main causes for bad feedback which is lack of communication.
4. Reach a resolution - unsatisfied buyers in many cases won’t leave negative feedback if offered an alternative. So be sure to explain in your return policy that buyer’s satisfaction is highly important for you and that if a buyer isn’t satisfied they should contact you right away.
5. Remind to leave feedback - getting good feedback isn’t always about avoiding bad feedback, it’s also about reminding buyers to go to their eBay dashboard and leave feedback for their purchase. That’s why tools such as eBay feedback reminder can be extremely useful in helping you receive more positive feedback.
Have more tips for how to increase eBay feedback? feel free to post them in the comments area below!