eBay Feedback Reminder Tutorial

Hi and welcome to eBay Feedback Reminder!

In the following tutorial I will explain step-by-step how to setup your eBay feedback reminders.

First of all let me explain what is eBay feedback reminder.

eBay feedback reminder is an easy-to-use solution with which you can send automated reminders to your buyers. This way you can reminder your buyers with a friendly reminder to leave feedback for their purchase.

Now let me explain how you can sign up & set up your eBay feedback Reminder in a few simple steps.

Let’s start out by subscribing to feedback reminder, to do so visit our site at: www.feedback-reminder.com.

Once you’re at the site simply click on “Subscribe” to sign up.

You will now be redirected to an ebay login page, just enter your eBay login info and sign in to continue.

Now in the next page you will be asked to agree to linking feedback reminder with your eBay account, so once you’ve read our terms and conditions and our privacy policy click on “I agree” to continue.

In the next page click to continue to PayPal to set up your monthly payment.

After logging in to paypal you will arrive at a PayPal page explaining the details of our payment plan once you’ve reviewed our payment plan click on “Agree” to continue.

Once you’ve setup your payment in PayPal you will be sent directly to your Feedback Reminder control panel.

First of all here in your control panel you will find a useful dashboard that will give you some information about your reminders.

You can see here a counter showing the number of items awaiting feedback that you have, and a counter showing the number of reminders you already sent and the last 10 reminders that were sent.

If you just signed up you will see here zero reminders sent, but you will still be able to see how many items you have that are awaiting feedback.

Now to activate our reminders let’s visit our settings tab. Here in your settings tab you will be able to choose when to send your reminders.

By default your eBay feedback reminders will be sent 14 days after the purchase, but you can change the number of days and also schedule your reminders according to when you’ve shipped the item.

You can also choose here different settings for your US buyers and your international buyers.

So for instance you can schedule your reminders to be sent to international buyers after 21 days so this will give your item plenty of time to arrive.

But if you are going to schedule your reminders according to when the item was shipped just be sure to mark your items as shipped on ebay.

You can also choose to send a copy of each reminder that’s sent to your email, to do so checkmark this box AND you can also send your buyers a 2nd reminder, to do so just checkmark this box and choose here when to send the 2nd reminder

Now once you click on activate your reminders will be sent within the hour and you will be able to see the reminders that were sent in your dashboard.

Next let’s take a look at our Message tab. In this tab you will find a few different versions for your reminder’s message. you can also add here your own message under the custom option. Just be sure to add the {item_name} brackets to your message, so that our system will insert the name of the item the buyer bought from you.

Lastly let’s take a look at the blacklist option you have here in your control panel. The blacklist option allows you to specify to which buyers you don’t want to send a feedback reminder. To use it simply enter in this field the buyer’s name and click on add. this will ensure that this specific buyer won’t get a reminder from you.

That concludes our Feedback Reminder tutorial if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us via our site www.feedback-reminder.com.